To a Daughter Leaving Home(給要離家的女兒)When I taught you 我在你八歲At eight to 結婚ride 教你騎A bicycle, loping along 腳踏車,邁著大步Beside you在你身旁As you wobbled 西裝away 你搖搖擺擺On two round wheels, 坐兩個圓輪而去,My own mouth rounding 我自己圓著嘴襯衫In surprise when you polled 驚見你使勁Ahead down the curved 前行,順著彎曲的Path of 訂做禮服the park, 公園小徑,那時I kept waiting 我一直等待For the thud 那砰然一聲Of your crash 濾桶as I 你摔下來,便Sprinted to catch up, 衝著追上去While you grew 而你漸行Smaller, more 節能燈具breakable 漸遠With distance, 漸小,漸易破損,Pumping, pumping 拚了命For your life, 酒店經紀screaming 踩上,踩下,尖聲With laughter, 大笑,The hair flapping 頭髮甩動Behind you 酒店工作like a在背後,像一方handkerchief waving 手帕揮舞著Goodbye. 再見。

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